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iTunes Doodad

iTunes Doodad lets you instantly switch playlists, skip tracks, or pause iTunes, all without using the iTunes interface, or bringing up a pokey Dashboard widget.

It installs itself as a tiny icon in the System Bar (up there next to your clock) and acts as a remote control for iTunes.

There are several preferences: choose which playlist types to display (Library, Smart Playlists, User Playlists, Podcasts, Purchased, Videos), and sort all of your playlists alphabetically (you'd think iTunes would let you do this, but it won't...), some other stuff, too.



Click here to download the latest version of iTunes Doodad (1.2.1, Universal Binary)

If you are unable to download iTunes Doodad using the above link, try this one instead.

If you've got a Mac running OS X version 10.2 (or higher), you should be fine.


What's New In This Version

  • - Fixed a library linking bug that prevented the Doodad from running on just about everyone's computer.
  • - The Doodad is now a Universal Binary, so it runs natively on PowerPC and Intel Macs
  • - Fixed display of international characters in playlist names
  • - Updates to include Podcasts, Videos, and Purchased items
For previous version information, download the app and see the Read Me.



This software is distributed as Postcardware. That means you are free to use and distribute this application as you wish. However, if you like it, you must send me a postcard. I make no money working on this little app, but I enjoy knowing that people out there are using this damn thing. So please take a minute and send me a postcard. Your karma points will almost certainly increase as a result. :)

Kaan Erdener
PO Box 30016
Austin, Texas 78755-3016


Other Stuff That's Not Quite As Interesting

iTunes Doodad is an OS X application that runs on PowerPC or Intel (Universal Binary). It was written in Objective-C and AppleScript, and was written by me.

Extra special thanks to Tyrvald Designs (www.tyrvald.com) for contributing the flashy icon and logo.

Here are some real-life responses sent in by users of iTunes Doodad.

  • - I love the doodad. It's brilliant.
  • - ...a very snazzy little program
  • - Great little app!
  • - Enjoying it at this moment...
  • - Doodad is fabulous
  • - You're little program is spiffy. It works great and installed without effort.
  • - Cool little app, thanks
  • - Great program!
  • - Very cool little utility, thank you for taking the time to share it
  • - It works great!!!
  • - Thank you for the doodad. I really like it!
  • - Thanks for the Doodad! What a great idea!

Special thanks for user feedback and bug reports from Peter Vendlegård in Sweden, Serge Parienti in Paris, Steve Davis in Israel, Damiano Basso in Italy, Rikk Watts in Vancouver, Orin Holland in Portland, Dan Cornett in Pennsylvania, Candradasa Dharmachari, Kris Jones and Corey Thompson.